Toronto Councillor Suzan Hall Environment Day 2007

Toronto West CAER attended Councillor Hall's Environment Day, June 9, 2007

Councillor Suzan Hall with members of Toronto Police Services 23 Division

Toronto West CAER participated at the popular Community Environment Day, here at the Albion Centre, 1530 Albion Road, in the north west corner of Toronto, hosted by City Councillor Suzan Hall. She can be seen here accompanied by two officers from 23 Division, Toronto Police Services, proud members of the Toronto West CAER committee.

Toronto West CAER Chair John Lenchak with Councillor Suzan Hall
Suzan Hall with Peter Simmerle and Jim McClare, Committee members

Visitors to Community Environment Day can learn about ways they can contribute to conservation, energy efficiency and other sustainable practices as well as ask Toronto CAER members how their industries promote these values. The City of Toronto supports these practices at the event through measures such as giving away free compost, and offering attendees the chance to win a water efficient toilet.

Councillor Hall's information material
School children's art work
The City of Toronto asked that residents take all their used household items and to make sure that they get recycled or reused by people who want and need them. Best of all, it will keep the junk out of the landfill. Small household items like dishes and ornaments will go to Goodwill, along with books, linens and clothing. You can drop off art supplies such as pencils, markers, crayons, yarn and fabric, as well as used buttons, costume jewellery and dress-up clothing. They will be donated to Arts Junktion, a Toronto District School Board warehouse for teachers.
Suzan Hall with CAER members John Lenchak and Jim McClare
Some of the visitors to the Toronto West CAER booth
Most important is to bring your leftover cleaning supplies and solvents, old and unused medication, mercury thermometers/thermostats, motor oil, paint and pesticides. These items are household hazardous wastes and need safe disposal.
Buy a composter from the City
Everybody was interested in recycling
Toronto West CAER and the City of Toronto encourage everyone to divert their unwanted goods, electronics, household hazardous waste and more from landfill. At the event, residents can also replace damaged waste diversion containers and purchase backyard composters and water efficiency kits.
Visitors could buy numerous containers and bins What would a new bin or composter cost and how can I pay for it?
Recycling bins and other containers are available for purchase, for exchange with broken ones or for free to new residents (with proper proof of new residency and identification)..
The very popular free leaf compost Visitors happy to fill their containers with the free compost

Everyone’s favourite on Environment Day is the large pile of FREE leaf compost. With your own containers and shovels you can carry it away to spruce up your lawn, garden and flower beds. The City of Toronto reported that in 2005, 40% of Toronto’s residential waste was diverted thanks to the Blue/Grey box, Green Bin and Yard composting programs. This meant that 346,150 tonnes of garbage was kept out of Michigan.

The Albion Centre - Site of Councillor Hall's Environment Day Another successful event
With another successfull Councillor Suzan Hall Community Environment Day over at the Albion Centre, at the intersection of Albion Road and Kipling Avenue, the Toronto West CAER members are looking forward to next year. Everybody wins when we reduce, reuse and recycle.