On October 20, 2010, Divisional Director Jeff Noel of the Salvation Army wrote the following letter to the Toronto West CAER Committee:


Greetings [To the Toronto West CAER Committee]:

I hope that all is well with you, and the efforts of the Toronto West CAER group are continuing on such an important path.

Back in February of 2009, I had the privilege of sharing information on the commitment of The Salvation Army in emergency response. In the summary of that presentation I had spoken of our need for some special equipment that would improve our ability to serve those in need of assistance in times of crisis. The generous gift of Toronto West CAER enabled me to purchase this equipment and I am compelled by a recent event at 200 Wellesley to share how, critical this equipment was in the provision of over 7000 meals to the displaced residents, and responders. The six alarm blaze that forced the evacuation of one of the highest occupant buildings in North America, was not going to be a short term event. The Salvation Army as one of the city partners was asked to fulfill its usual role of hydration and nutrition for those displaced and the servicing of breakfast, lunch, and dinner was provided for 10 straight days.

Without the equipment seen in the attached picture that your donation paid for, we could not possibly have performed such a service. The three green food boxes (a double unit to the right and a single unit under the table) feature an ability to maintain heat for the food and thus keeping the temperatures within the safe zones as mandated by Toronto Public Health. We would have had no other way to keep such a large volume of food hot and safe.

Very sincerely again, I say thank you for your help in equipping us to serve so effectively in such times.

Yours truly,

Jeff Noel
Ontario Central - East Division
Emergency Disaster Services

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