Newalta Toronto Open House 2008

June 24, 2008

The theme of Newalta's Open House on June 24, 2008, at its Toronto site was "What if waste wasn't?", the focus being to maximize the value inherent in industrial waste through the treatment and recovery of saleable products and recycling.


The Toronto facility is conveniently located in the western end of the City of Toronto and has excellent access to the major highways transporting goods in and around the industrial sections of this metropolitan centre.


Newalta provides environmentally sound treatment and disposal of solid, non hazardous industrial waste.


The Toronto facility receives waste for consolidating and blending, wastewater treatment, or bulking for shipment off-site to the most appropriate approved recycling or final disposal facility.


The Toronto operation also specializes in the receipt and management of Labpacks and in 2008 completed a major upgrade of the storage and processing area.


Labpacks are drummed wastes comprised of small quantities of wastes from businesses or households that are collected in original containers, packed in drums with vermiculite to prevent breakage, and shipped to the Newalta Toronto facility for proper treatment, recycling and disposal.

In addition to overall enhancements to the facility, a new laboratory and hygiene area was installed as part of the continuous improvement program.

Newalta's philosophy is to combine technology and innovation for solutions that work, thereby providing better results for the environment, their customers and their shareholders.


Newalta is Canada's leading industrial waste management and environmental services company.

In 1993, Newalta had six facilities in Western Canada, $8 million in revenue and slightly more than $1 million in cash flow. Today Newalta has more than 80 facilities across Canada, over 1,800 people and revenues in excess of $500 million. Based in Calgary, Alberta, with Western and Eastern divisions, their services span the country coast to coast, delivering "single-source" waste management service solutions. Newalta's future growth includes continued expansion, new services and technologies, and a continued focus on innovation, people, safety and the environment. They can be found at