Molson Coors Spill Exercise 2012

April 21, 2012

The Toronto West CAER Committee has held several exercises to evaluate plant emergency plans and provide Toronto Police, Toronto Fire, Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Toronto Water an opportunity to practice their response procedures. Each exercise has been valuable and many lessons have been learned. Most of all, these exercises serve to build bonds with the Emergency Services just as CAER strives to build bonds within the community.

The date of this exercise was April 21, 2012, at 0800 hrs. and the location was the Molson Coors Toronto plant in the Rexdale district of western Toronto.

The scenario: A large scale chemical spill has occurred. A workman is overcome and a rescue and decontamination with company personnel and Toronto Fire Services is undertaken. Monitoring and protection of the environment through the relevant agencies takes place simultaneously.

Molson sign


Briefing 1

The Molson Coors Toronto plant is located in the Rexdale area of western Toronto.

The briefing with the controllers and other participants early in the morning, before the event.

Briefing 2


Briefing 3


workman down with fumes


workman down with fumes closeup

Chemical fumes were represented by a smoke machine and a dummy represented the overcome workman.

Molson staff on phone 1


Molson staff on phone 2

Molson Coors staff gave the alert that a chemical spill had occurred and that a workman had been overcome by the fumes.

first responder 1


first responder 2

The first responder proceeded to the spill site.

Molson staff responders carrying bags 1


Molson staff responders carrying bags 2

Plant personnel with their equipment also proceeded to the spill site.

Molson decon team 1


Molson decon team 2

The decontamination team dressed in their chemical resistant suits.

rescue blue 1


rescue blue 2

The rescue team in their suits recovered the overcome workman ...

rescue blue with decon


decon dummy

... and brought him to a safe location to be decontaminated.

covering cb


pads on covered cb

The Molson Coors personnel blocked off the storm sewer to minimize any possibility of contamination to the natural water environment.

Guardhouse personnel


fire truck 1

Guard house personnel met the Toronto Fire Services who responded to the call that a chemical spill had occurred.

fire truck 2


fire truck 3

Toronto Fire Services.

IC truck


Police car 1

Toronto Fire Services vehicle with the flashing green light was the location of the Incident Commander.

Toronto Police Services arrived.

Police car 2


Captain with PM

Toronto Police Services on location.

Plant personnel and Toronto Fire conferred.

Hazmat 1


Hazmat 2

Toronto Fire's Hazardous Materials Unit prepared to enter the chemical spill area.

Firemen carrying hose


Hazmat Level A suits

While some firemen prepared to wash down the spill area ...

... others in their Level A suits approached the spill.

hosing down 1

hosing down 2

Toronto Fire washed down the spill area and reduced the level of chemical fumes.

hosing down 3


Hazmat A entering plant

Toronto Fire in Level A suits entered the plant area.

Decon area

Toronto Fire Services decontamination area.

firemen walking


Level A decon 1

Toronto Fire personnel returned from the spill site.

Decontamination (decon) commenced.

Level A decon 2


Level A decon 3


Level A decon 4


Joe Del Vasto and Rob Taverner


Joe Del Vasto (left) and Rob Taverner (right) Exercise Planners.

Observers 1


Observers 2

Spill Exercise observers and guest visitors from industry and government.

Observers 3


Kent Bigrigg starting the debriefing


The debriefing began.

Kent Bigrigg at debriefing addressing participants

Kent Bigrigg, Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, Molson Coors, addressed the participants at the debriefing.

Joe Del Vasto at debriefing addressing participants

Exercise Designer, Captain Joe Del Vasto, Toronto Fire, also addressed the participants at the debriefing.

Spill exercise participants at debrief

Molson Coors Spill Exercise 2012 participants at the debriefing.