Molson Spill Exercise 2004

November 27, 2004

Planning Group
Planning Group
  Planning Group  
The Molson Spill Exercise was months in planning with numerous municipal services taking part as well as all levels in Molson, including their security service. Guiding the overall exercise was Captain Bob Leek from the Toronto Fire Services with input from the Toronto Police Services, Toronto Emergency Medical Services, Toronto Office of Emergency Management, Industrial Waste Branch of the Toronto Works and Emergency Services, and Ontario Ministry of the Environment.
Last minute review
Captain Leek and controller Early morning briefing  
As the participants and "controllers" with their red hats prepare for the start of the exercise Captain Leek addresses the briefing.
Out in the field the observers and the security guards are going about their regular duties. One moment everything is normal, the next the security staff have received a fire alarm and a radio message of an ammonia spill. They are on the phones and shortly the first fire trucks and police cars arrive.
Security building with staff and observers/controllers
Security staff receive the alarm and make their calls
Fire Services arrive
Police Services arrive    
Soon the the Toronto Police and Toronto Fire Command vehicles are at the Molson plant site coordinating the safety and security efforts of their personnel.
Fire Services Decontamination Vehicle   Police Services Command Vehicle
  Fire Services Command Vehicle with Molson's in the background     Fire Service's ladder vehicle   Police and Fire Command Vehicles  
  After numerous hours and the conclusion of the planned scenario and debriefing the participants, controllers and observers gather together to discuss what all agree was a successful and well coordinated exercise.  
  Debriefing - Police Services   Debriefing - At Molson's meeting room