Lakeshore Festival 2004

June 12, 2004

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Tent at entrance
More Preparation
Professional Entertainer
The Toronto West CAER tent near the west entrance to the park during the Lakeshore Festival 2004, in the former Etobicoke.     Preparation: CAER information brochures, handouts and survey forms and the yo-yos. More preparation: Peter, City of Toronto and Ilan, Bayer with some of the hundreds of helium filled ballons that were given away with the Toronto West CAER logo on them.   A professional entertainer demonstrating some of the amazing tricks that were possible with the yo-yos that were given away by the committee that day.  
Story board
    Free yo-yos Questions about CAER   Questions and answers  
Robin, Cognis Canada demonstrating his skill with one of the yo-yos in front of the CAER information boards with the committee members' names.     One of the early festival participants happy to receive a free yo-yo from Toronto West CAER members Rosemary, Henkel and Catherine, TTC. Festival participants were interested to find out more about what CAER does and how it makes their community safer.   Neighbours gathered around to ask questions and receive information.
Happy Toronto West CAER  members
    Filling out questionaires Questions and free ballons   View of the Lakeshore Festival 2004
Committee members were in good spirits with the sunny weather and the interested neighbours. Carmen, National Silicates helped festival participants fill out a questionaire which asked their opinions about their chemical industry neighbours. Hundreds of people stopped by the Toronto West CAER booth to find out what Community Awareness - Emergency Response is about, here with Rosemary, Henkel and Rob, City of Toronto. A view of a small part of the rest of the Festival.