Castrol Spill Exercise 2005

June 18, 2005

Director Adina
  Controllers in red vests
Controllers/evaluators in their red vests.
The Castrol Spill Exercise was led by Director Adina Negru, Castrol Canada with input from the design exercise group including: Toronto Fire Services, Toronto Office of Emergency Management, Toronto Water (Industrial Waste Control Branch), Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Cargill Foods, Fielding Chemicals and Toronto Police Services.
  Green dye simulates oil
The operator of a fork lift truck has passed out and accidentally punctured an oil storage tank on a weekend with minimal staff present. Mannequin courtesy of Toronto Fire Services.
The green dye simulates an oil spill.


  Investigator and spill responders
Soon the "oil spill" is entering the catch basin.
The Toronto Water, Industrial Waste Control (IWC) Investigator begins his investigation as Toronto Water, First Response Crews are setting up their equipment.
Spill responders at the shore
Emergency responders are at the shore of Lake Ontario where the "oil" is entering the water while the public look on and Toronto Fire Services record the exercise on tape.
The oil boom is at the mouth of the storm sewer outfall with the boom ends fastened to the shore.



Until the source can be found Toronto Water, First Response Crew, will contain the spill and take whatever actions necessary to minimize any deleterious effects to the environment. Here, the boat is drawing the boom away from the shore.

Toronto Water vehicles   Chemical sniffer identifies materials
Toronto Water vehicles at the Castrol Canada site.
At the Castrol Canada plant Toronto Fire is positively identifying the spilled material.
Investigator at the Castrol plant   Investigator with Castrol personnel
The Toronto Water, IWC, investigation continues as conditions at the plant are observed and recorded and plant personnel are interviewed. Here, the investigator is questioning the plant manager and the company's liaison officer.
Inside the oil storage area  
Fire Services decontamination equipment
A Castrol Team Leader is being interviewed in the plant at the site of the accident.
Toronto Fire set up their decontamination equipment.
  Fire Services ladder vehicle
Toronto Police Services Incident Command vehicle.
An aerial truck is prepared if needed.
  Captain Joe Del Vasto and debriefing  
After many hours of preparation and work the Castrol spill exercise enters the debriefing stage and Captain Joe Del Vasto of the Toronto Fire Services as well as Director Adina Negru and Plant Manager Darko Vukojevic of Castrol Canada thank the many participants for their time and efforts.