Brass in the Grass Music and Arts Festival 2005

Brass in the Grass

The Toronto West CAER Committee supported the festival with a donation and attended with a booth as in 2004. Festival participants were interested to find out more about what CAER does, how it makes their community safer and the proactive role its members take to be good corporate and community citizens. Visitors were happy to give their views and complete a survey.

Some Toronto West CAER members
  Ballons for everyone  
Some of the Toronto West Caer members (from left): Rosemary (Henkel Surface Technologies), Frank (Kodak), Robin (Cognis), Peter (Toronto Water), Jack (Henkel Surface Technologies). Free ballons for everyone.
Visitor and Catherine   Visitors and Rosemary    
A visitor filling out the survey with Catherine (Toronto Transit Commission (T.T.C.)).  
Everyone who completed a survey received a free yo-yo. Visitors with Rosemary (Henkel Surface Technologies).
Dancing to the music
One of the bands at the festival.