Bayer Inc.

Bayer Inc. and their employees are constantly seeking to demonstrate social commitment and make a lasting and positive contribution to the development of our community. Committed to the principles of sustainable development a number of initiatives were undertaken:

A Green roof was created in 2007 of approximately 836 sq. m. (9000 sq. ft.) using drought tolerant species.


Revitalization of 2 hectares (5 acres) of open space in the back of the facility - known as the "Outback".
Naturalization of the area and contouring of the land with a meadow containing tall grasses, coniferous and deciduous trees.


The current "Outback" area was increased by 0.8 hectare (2 acres) due to a reclaimed storage area for a total of 2.8 hectare (7 acres). Here too, trees and plants were used that are salt tolerant as the site is located near a major highway.
Also created were more walking/running trails, picnic areas, fitness stations, flora species to attract birds, bees and butterflies and a pergola Bern to help in noise reduction.

1. What was planted YTD:  
  550 shrubs
  222 large trees (coniferous & deciduous)
  150 grasses (from pots)
  1 hectare (2.5 acres) of meadow
2. What is planned for early spring 2008:
  150 large trees
  300 small trees
  300 mixed shrubs
  0.4 hectare (1 acre) of meadow

Lighting - replaced incandescent lighting with compact fluorescent.
Organic waste program - Implemented in 2007 as part of waste collection, diverting waste from landfill.
Recycle unsoiled paper towels - reduces amount going to landfill.
Approximately 50% of non-hazardous waste diverted from landfill in 2006 and 2007.
Cleaning staff use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
Company wide clean-up day - items that can no longer be used are brought to central location for other employees to reuse - diverting waste from landfill.