BASF Canada Spill Exercise 2016

June 11, 2016


Toronto West CAER has held numerous exercises to evaluate plant emergency plans and provide Police, Fire & Emergency Medical Services an opportunity to practice their response procedures. Each exercise has been valuable and many lessons have been learned. Most of all, these exercises serve to build bonds with the Emergency Services just as CAER strives to build bonds within the community.

This exercise is known as “Operation Ant II”. The date of the exercise is 11th of June 2016 at 09:30 hrs. The location is the BASF Canada plant at 10 Constellation Court, Toronto, Ontario.

A number of improvement opportunities were identified for both Toronto Fire Services and BASF Canada Inc. For example;

· Toronto Fire Services uses a “green light” to indicate the Incident Command Truck. Incident Command may transfer to other vehicles as higher levels of command arrive on site. This information is now included in the site Emergency Response Plan.

· The early stages of an incident are very hectic, with many demands placed on the Site Manager.

The Site Manager Role should have two assistants, preferably employees with company phones, one as a liaison or runner, and the other as a scribe to record actions and to assist in making necessary calls. The Site Manager should remain at Incident Command to coordinate the supply of information.




Pre briefing meeting

IBC compromised


Person down

Reporting the incident



Toronto Fire Services arrivals


City hazmat unit




BASF suiting up


Toronto Fire Services suiting up

Building entry



The rescue












Closing meeting


Toronto Fire Services and BASF plant manager