Thank you for your interest in the Toronto West CAER Committee.

All comments are appreciated and will be reviewed by the committee. In addition, information may be addressed to the Toronto West CAER committee's Chair. Please provide at least an e-mail address if you'd like us to respond to your mail.

If you are with an industry or association in the City of Toronto that would be interested in applying for membership in the Toronto West CAER committee and feel that your organization can meet the Conditions of Membership listed below you are invited to contact the Toronto West CAER Chair, K. Martorino at


If your company's location is in an area served by a neighbouring CAER group then we would be happy to provide you with the name and contact number of the appropriate committee.

Conditions of Membership:

Membership is made available to all firms involved in the manufacturing, handling, storage or distribution of industrial chemical products and potentially hazardous materials in the Greater Toronto Area who demonstrate a commitment to the responsible management of chemicals.

Attendance at regular meetings and active participation as required to meet the objectives and goals of the committee.

Members must uphold the spirit of the Charter and foster positive and constructive communication between members, conducive to the open sharing of ideas and experiences such that all companies can rise to the same level of preparedness.

Development of an emergency response plan guideline and submission to the Toronto Fire Services

Payment of annual membership fees to the committee (applicable to industry only)

Credit card payment of annual membership fees to the committee

Payment options

Toronto West C.A.E.R. does not support or fund the following:

  • charitable dinners and events where ticket purchases are requested
  • individuals
  • political contributions
  • religious groups
  • commercial advertising
  • athletic sponsorships
  • telephone solicitations
  • organizations outside of Canada
  • organizations that discriminate