Community Outreach

Committed To The Community
Visitors with Rosemary (Henkel Surface Technologies)
2005 and 2006's Brass in the Grass Festival, formerly the "Lakeshore Festival" were resounding successes, not only for the organizers of the festival but for the Toronto West CAER Committee as well. On each occasion it was a weekend of great music, arts, and family fun. It again gave our committee the opportunity to talk to our neighbours and to hear their comments or concerns regarding the local industries. The comment cards that were filled out were each reviewed, and if a reply was requested we got back to the writer. We value our neighbours and hope to see them again next year.


Lakeshore Festival

At the 2004 Lakeshore Festival, members of Toronto West CAER met many of our neighbours. We offered information on the projects we are working on in the community. We supplied the visitors to our booth with a questionnaire as we wanted to address any questions or concerns they may have with the industry in the area. We look forward to seeing our neighbours again in 2005's Brass in the Grass at the Lakeshore Grounds - Lake Shore Blvd. W. and Kipling Ave.


Donation to Youth Without Shelter
Toronto West CAER Committee cares about the people in our community.  We donated funds to the Youth Without Shelter Program so that homeless youth living in the shelter would have winter coats.
23rd Division Crime Prevention
Community outreach is important to the Toronto West CAER Committee.  We donated full funding to Toronto Police Services' 23 Division, for the purchase of a computer software package that sends out early alert warnings of crime and hazardous incidents to local residents and business.
Rob Ellis

As the lives and safety of young people are very important to all of us the Toronto West CAER Committee members were proud to make a donation to the Rob Ellis Foundation for the promotion of safety to young workers.

Freddie the Fire Truck
Community Outreach Programs are particularly important to the Toronto West CAER Committee.  We donated a light-flashing, water-squirting, talking robot called Freddie the Fire Truck to our local fire department to help school children become aware of fire hazards.
Sick Kids Hospital
Due to our members' generosity in supplying the resources for our fire extinguisher training, the CAER group did not have to use their budgeted funds.  The money was donated to the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children's Burn Unit.